What I Wore To The Revolution — Day 1

For me, Day 1 of the revolution to retrieve American citizens from corruption and constitutional disarment started at a women’s march. What I wore is below:

Hot Pink Elbow Length Gloves — To show solidarity with teh color traditionally assigned with my gender. Not only are they fabulous but practical and functional! Putting a hot pink fist into the air to shatter illusions that women will continue to be silent and docile. Women are nurteres, we are the mamas of the world, we must speak out.

Heels — I like to strut into a situation and, to me, heels represent strength and power. Heels are traditionally ‘women’s shoes’ — they are certainly my kind of shoes — and I love proving that I will shit done working with feminine. A feminitiy I choose, I should add! To me there is an implicit message in what heels suggest. It’s vain, and kinda silly, but I don’t care.

A Jackie Kennedy coat, vintage early-60’s — I love Jackie. Her poise, sophisitcation and eloquence in the face of adversity - the way she tackled issues which mattered to her with class and candor is an inspiration to me. The Kennedys represent a time when Democrats embraced diversity and accepted a changing world by supporting a progressive, outspoken, and unconventional leader. It’s considered one of the greatest eras in our country’s history for a reason. We felt inspired, motivated, and fresh. Jackie was part of that movement. Additionally, Jackie was a lover and supporter of culture and arts; a world-traveler who embraced diversity and education, who was not afraid to be herself even if no one understood her.

Jeans — cause what’s more American than that!? And I love jeans. Jeans are power pants. Jeans are unisex, universal, and really fucking durable. High waisted jeans are really good for bending over.

A Black Cashmere Turtleneck — Alexander McQueen. I just like it. Also, I was channeling the infamous photo of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pittman Hughes, looking fierce, defiant, in charge - rocking fabulous hair. Turtlenecks drew attention to their determined faces. Dorothy’s expression says it all.

Leopard Print Cat Ears — Obviously for pussy power. Keep your paws off!

My heart on my sleeve — I went to the march with my children and my husband. I was honored to see so many families there, and in my city, Rochester, a diverse crowd with many speakers of variant voices, sexualities, colors, creeds, ethnicities, and positions. A revolution starts at home. Activism starts in your heart. Feminism is a way of living, not a collection of ideals. And feminism is for everyone. I felt inspired. I am now involved.

Remember, it starts with us unify, including and embracing, reaching out. There are more of us — and we have the most to lose.