Last night it was his cousin, it was Popeye’s, it was him on the couch with his head on my stomach while we laughed at his cousin’s story about how he got his job. It was him and me, laughing uncontrollably at the hilarity of Dom. The impersonations and stories.

It was us going to bed and doing as many snapchat filters we could until we got tired. It was him watching videos on anything from meal prep, to people dancing at a fast food restaurant, to videos of couples in sparkly green matching tux and gowns. It was me unable to look at another screen. Then it was me, jumping over him to snatch his phone away from him. Then it was me on top already, so…Then it was us making love. Him coming and laughing at himself and staying in so I could feel him longer. It was him walking back into the room with an apple after. It was him putting the apple in my mouth, the sweetest juiciest apple that was.

It was the morning, being held and held. Fitting into his big chest and arms easy. His arms around me, like it matters. Doing that until we wake up. The morning was us getting ready, a routine setting in. It was him taking 6 eggs to work for breakfast, me leaving earlier than him. It was Dom singing “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” as I leave. It was me saying “Be Do Have May 9, 2017” Them smiling.

It was.

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