A Call To Make

I have habits to quit and practices to adopt, parents to call, baby gifts to buy, apologies to make. I have corners to dust, and lessons to learn, classes to take and friends to congratulate. I have cousins to tell, and jobs to pursue, and promises to forgive. I have dreams to find and fears to attach to. Change to stop expecting and the change piling up on my dresser that I don’t know what to do with. There is bacon not to eat, and there’s green tea to boil. There’s that guy with the baseball tickets to email. The permanent stain in the oven that stares at me making me feel guilty since the oven’s only 6 months old and I’ve already permanently stained it. The line of paint rubbed off from the kitchen chairs onto the newly painted wall. The world suffering to understand. The giving to do. My mother to call. My father too. The friends to text. There’s the hold I have to be on to talk to a person who will transfer me to another hold and then to another person who won’t already have my social security and account number ready so I’ll feel like a monkey repeating all that again, especially spelling out A b o l f a z l i because that doesn’t seem to ring off people’s tongues here in the US, all during a minute of life when I could’ve been not doing that, so I don’t go on hold and I don’t call the bank and I don’t get back that $90 that was stolen from my debit card somewhere between here and New York. The brita needs new filters and it needs to be washed it tastes like dirt, the water, lately. The fob to get a bike off the city bike share docks doesn’t work, I have to call them too though I did that yesterday. I have parking tickets to pay and pepco automatic pay to set up and the bank to call and $5,000 to find- where did it go, what did I spend it on? Not mentioning the meditation that has to happen, the creativity that must occur, the severe first world, dream chasing, check to check, striving that has to fit in between the root canal and the DMV. The one-on-one time with all the ones because in groups I can’t figure out who any one is anymore. The news to follow and avoid. The best coffee to buy. Light conversation to be had. The suffering to feel and be overwhelmed by. Watch the president’s speech and realize that he’s tired, really tired, and can’t do anything about anything. The pictures to download onto iPhoto to delete pictures on my iPhone to make space to download updates to the OS to be able make a call, like a phone-to-phone call, again. A call to make. I’ve got a call to make.

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