There are nights you have to feel

There are nights you have to feel. Most of the days, you feel like a robot, doing a daily routine of work to home and sleep then back to work again the next day. You feel numb during these days but you kept justifying to yourself that that was normal, that that was necessary to achieve your life goals. In all fairness, you always try to keep in mind that you won’t let life pass you by while you were trying to achieve the career goals you want. You are always thankful for the nights that you feel something.

You were walking on the same path you walk on every day, looking at the pavement, trying to avoid looking at the people. But you knew, even without seeing them, that each people that you cross path with has their own lives and you felt a little sorry to yourself that you won’t be able to know their individual stories. However, you bet they were not all rainbows and unicorns; you believed that every story was unique.

One day, when you reached your office building, one thing out of your daily routine happened. Half of the elevators were not working so you fell in line with other people. Then, the most amazing thing happened to you. You had the opportunity to stop, and you looked around. You realized that you were too busy to appreciate what was happening to your life. Recently, you admittedly only focused on what were going wrong to the point that you believed that nothing right was happening to your life. However, in that instant, you got yourself fifteen minutes of life reflection you owe to yourself. You appreciated what you have at the moment, and somehow a little light spark in your soul, and then you said to yourself, things are good and things will be better. As expected, you continued your routine that day but with a happier perspective.