Spirit Medicine

I have always known for as long as I can remember that there was a presence around me. It existed at that time as such an integral part of my subjective experience, that I never questioned its validity. It was that presence that always sent me impulses, nudges, inspiration, insight and the guidance by which I chose to move through my every day experiences. It was that presence that often told to me pick up the phone before it would even ring. In fact it would often tell me who was going to be calling. And when I say “tell” what I mean by that is somewhat misleading. This communication never happened with any language other than the subtle knowing that I would receive.
 This presence loved to guide me through the massive forest that sat directly behind my back door during chlidhood. We would go on adventures to find treasures, eat berries, catch turtles, and even find secret pathways that led me through to the other side of my little neighborhood. Each time the path would be different but it never mattered because I trusted that I was being “guided”. I can’t remember what age I realized that not everyone has invisible friends. Eventually it became more appealing, as a very shy reclusive child, to play with my “real” flesh and blood friends. I abandoned my relationship with what I later came to know as my guides and guardian angel without even understanding who they were. Like so many other children with psychic gifts I eventually grew up and decided that it had all been in my imagination
 There are times now that when I look back and I’m aware that this presence never left my side. It (they) have always been there with unconditional love and support despite my lack of acknowledgment or conscious participation. It was only when I began my commitment to my spiritual path that I again opened up the channel consciously to the relationship between myself and my Spirit guides.What a beautiful and joyous life it has become thanks to them.
 What is Spirit Guidance?
 Spirit guidance is direct contact with nonphysical energies that exist in the spirit realm who are able to offer you wisdom beyond your five senses. Everyone has a spirit guide (or several spirit guides), and each of us has the ability to listen to them. They communicate with us in a variety of ways that we must become aware of because they are at a higher frequency. We have to be very still, silent, open and accepting. Spirits Guides, Angels, Deceased loved ones, Totem Animals, elementals, God(desses) are always near connecting with us. Many of us experienced a deepening of our supernatural and spiritual gifts over this past year and what came through so clearly is our ability to communicate with beings in the subtle realms. The veil is thinner than ever. Given the nature of the mass spiritual awakening that is happening throughout the Earth now is an amazing time to develop that intimate relationship with the Spirit Realm.
 Those in Spirit, even without physical bodies, still have energy bodies all of which carry a certain vibration and resonance. Thus, without words, emotion, or thought, the presence, the feeling, of a Spirit can still be identified. Spirit Guides and Angels are often referred to as Beings of Light, and as such, they have a very high, elevated, lifting feeling, when one is present. Often, the presence of a guide will feel like a tingling sensation indicating simply a presence stepping close to you. Depending on the guide or angel that is visiting you, in addition to the slight tingly warmth you feel on your body, you’ll also pick up a unique ‘fingerprint’ of this being. For example you might also get a sense of protected and safeness. Or such as fairies and other elemental spirits like sprites that tend to be very playful and childlike. This will become familiar to you over time just the same way that specific friends have different energy that you can recognize.

Spirit guides are not the same things as ghosts (earthbound souls). What we refer to as ghosts are confused and often times, they don’t even know that they are dead. They continue to wander around in a type of purgatory because they don’t know how to cross over. Often it’s the devastating emotional circumstances that surround their death that keep them stuck. True spirit guides respect you and your right to choose your own path. Real spirit guides are wise, compassionate and often amusing. If you are ever aware of a spiritual being who does not respect you and others, it is not your spirit guide. Tell any less evolved beings to leave and call in your real spirit guide. You can simply ask, are you my true spirit guide.
 Spirit guides are souls with the intention of offering support and guidance on the spiritual path to those who have chosen to experience life in the physical realm. Whenever a soul incarnates into a physical body there is a great amount of insight lost about who that being truly is. Your spirit guides can keep you tuned into your souls divine plan because they never lose sight of the path. In fact they can often see many things that are approaching before they happen. They will always respect your free will and offer you guidance based on the direction that your life choices have taken you in. They can help you to recognize signs and interpret synchronicity from the universe which can indicate what choices are serving the highest good for all parties involved. If you decide any course correcting is needed they can help support the steps needed to come into alignment as well.
 Whenever you engage with a spirit guides, angel, ascended master god or goddess, or the Holy Spirit realize you are touching the face of the One Most High. While it is possible for humans to go to God directly in prayer and meditation, s/he often invokes helpers to work directly with us. All beings were created to with specific gifts, talents and skills. Each being (including you) has a purpose, part of which is to help bring balance and harmony to the universe. Many people may not be able to connect to the idea of gods, goddesses and other such concepts and therefore it would be entirely appropriate to refer to this presence as Infinite Intelligence. This simply acknowledges that our own perspective is limited, yet there is a higher intelligence that is available for us to access which can lend us greater understanding and awareness at all times. You may chose to call on any force in the universe within or without that resonates with your belief systems.

How does one connect to Infinite Intelligence (spirit guidance)?

  • Intention. Set the intention that you wish to connect to the benevolent beings who will guide you towards your highest good and the good of all that is. Question your perceptions and be open to believe that there is more to see than meets the eye.
  • Get into the vibrational alignment. In other words tune in. As previously mentioned this presence that we refer to as Spirit Guides exists on a higher dimensional plane of existence. In order to receive the insight and inspiration that is available to us it’s most imperative to raise the vibration. For the most part being in the range of your joy and following your bliss naturally will set the mood for receiving clarity in all forms.
  • Plants have a wonderful way of fortifying our connection with energetic realms not of our own. Inherently they are able to boost your energy to bring it closer to those of Spirit, Loved Ones, and Angels. Below you can see a list of the herbs and essential oils included in this month’s Spirit Medicine kit if you wish to work more intimately with these tools.
  • All the chakras are infinitely important in establishing a healthy transmission back and forth. Try a guided meditation that is meant to open, clear and balance your chakra’s and stimulate your senses.
  • Spirit guides come to us in many ways. Spend time in silence, meditation and just listening. In those moments of complete stillness, you will receive messages. Guidance may come as images in your head (clairvoyance), a feeling (clairsentience) a sound or voice (clairaudience) or even just clear insight and knowledge (claircognizant). They also come through in dreams, numbers(1111, 1234, 777, 333, 444, 555) are all angels codes, books, smells, songs, electricity(turning lights on), mind to mind communication and so much more. You may see a feather to indicate the presence of a guide. Even animals, insects, and plants can be a form of spirit guidance. I have had angels show themselves to me on a perfectly clear day in the form of a rainbow before. The possibilities are endless.
  • You can try automatic writing, by meditating and asking your spirit guides to come through you. Automatic writing is the process of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer’s hand forms the message, and the person is unaware of what will be written. It is sometimes done in a trance state. Another way is instead of going unconscious while another entity writes with your hand you could listen and write what you hear. In this way, you are simply listening to what is being said and writing down what you hear. To accomplish this it is best to be in a meditative state. This is an intuitive process and there is no right or wrong way to do it.
  • Keep a journal. Write down everything you see, smell, feel or hear, because these are intuitive messages from your guides. You guides can also send you so much creative inspiration which can be applied to every day problem solving or used for art, music, writing or other creative projects. They may guide you to meet someone or to a specific opportunity that can open up your path for you in countless ways.
  • Follow the impulse. Once you receive the gentle nudge from the subtle realm respond appropriately. As you make discoveries about yourself, take action. As you receive answers to your prayers, take action. Find ways to change that will bring you closer to the truer part of yourself and your soul’s purpose where happiness and fulfillment lies.
  • Create an altar or place where you can go to feel the presence of your guardian angel. Put objects that remind you of your soul’s desire on the altar. Write letters to your angels and add your letters to your altar. Pray here. Listen for answers. Light a candle and find a feeling of peace. Make this place a living presence in your life.

This month the resonance.apothecary tool kit will be focused on our most highly requested topic, Spirit Medicine. A beautiful blend of oils, herbs and roots for use in development personal spiritual advancement via Clairaudience (clear psychic hearing), Clairsentience (clear psychic feeling), and Clairvoyance (clear psychic vision). Even if there is no specific communication intention, carry the items with you or keep them in the home, office or car for when you need a quick cleansing. This will help you tune into the signs that are always around guiding you on your path. Herbs and essential oils are inherently looking to work with you on improving your psychic abilities and have a host of other benefits.

  • Mugwort was considered the ‘universal herb for divination and prophecy’ throughout the ancient world. Dedicated to Artemis and Diana, Mugwort was used for healing, psychic powers and lucid dreaming.
  • Ginger turns your body into a conduit through which spirit energy is able to flow. It warms the body and makes it visible to those trying to connect from the other side.
  • Gotu Kola prepares your mind to be able to decipher the messages you are receiving. The information that you get from spirit is overwhelmingly powerful. Gotu Kola allows your brain to handle the immense load, process it, and send it to where it needs to go to be manifested.
  • You may be receiving, hearing and seeing messages but if your mind is not at ease you may not be capable of separating out the actual message that is delivered with that of the messages from your own ego. Skullcap puts your mind at rest and lets the information flow organically and the messages to be understood as they are intended.
  • Ginkgo deals specifically in your clairvoyant center, where you will see the message. This herb will allow the image to be very clear and lucid.
  • An herb that relaxes your nervous system while simultaneously giving you a little boost of vigor. For the throat chakra, peppermint has the ability to clear blockages and open your ability to communicate.
  • Spearmint can come in most handy when the body is going through a purge, specifically of the throat or upper chakras. It helps to rejuvenate the system and clear out any remaining energy that does not belong

This months Spirit Guidance kit has been designed to be used during ceremony, ritual, petitioning or praying to the spirit guide, angel, or god(dess) of your choice. It has properties that will assist you to call upon your helpers to hear your prayers and offer you guidance, insight, help and wisdom for the direction that is needed. It is perfect to incorporate to any drawing down ritual, while you petition your prayers or whenever you are feeling lost. It helps us to connect with the channels of Divine communication via the assistance of the Angelic Realms and entrusted Spirit Guides in a safe and protected manner. It invokes your Guides and allows only messages from the Light and for our highest good to be received. The vibrational medicine tool kits contain tools you need to make an offering, blessing, prepare your space for ritual or align you with your highest state of being.
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