While there’s visibility, there is a lack of narratives from Muslim Indians, those of lower castes, and those across the South Asian diaspora

DDuring the past two years, it has been hard to ignore the rise of South Asian food media in the United States. While Indian food has always enjoyed a secure place on the American culinary map, we are seeing a growing number of food writers of South Asian descent—Priya Krishna…

The curious case of the brand at the heart of Pakistan’s culinary conscience

It’s a refrain you hear often: No self-respecting South Asian cook uses pre-made masalas out of a box.

Food writers, cookbook authors, and South Asian culinary experts at-large either lament the use of pre-made masalas or act as if they simply aren’t used. …

Maryam Jillani

Phnom Penh-based food writer and founder of the award-winning blog, Pakistan Eats. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @pakistaneats.

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