Embracing My Pain

Life is not easy , its full of problems . Everyone have different types of problem, but the thing is be consistent and try to resolve your problem is not easy for everyone. My life is also have some problems but i always try to solve them with the help of my parents support and motivation.

The basic problem in my life is that to convince my family about my any decision which I want to do in my life because my parents are not typical conservative but my brothers and my relatives always pointing me and my everything whether its a good or bad. That thing is very irritating for my brothers .So they always expect their point of thinking. The most difficult thing is to change the perception of my family . Now , before joining the Amal , I just ask my father they allow me without asking my brothers because they d’not like my travelling alone and independent of girls.But I want to independent so that I can face every problem with my strength and courage. And my brothers are not typical in any other matter .In my university admission , there are a lot of issues and one of them my relatives was done criticism that d’not let her go alone in another city for just the purpose of study but my parents have a dream that I got the higher education and now my graduation is almost complete.Now my father and brother say that you should also do MS .

In previous days my cell phone lost that was really big problem for me because I suffer a lot of this . Any how , everything would be right with the passage of time.

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