The Moments You Feel God

God visits during unanticipated moments,
when you’re not consciously seeking.
Sometimes The Moment is insignificant,
other times traumatizing…
Moments of silence
or danger
or pure love

From deep within
When you’re immersed in The Moment
You awake, your mind is clear
And suddenly
You get it,
but sometimes only for a split second

You don’t recall what you knew
It vanishes
Sometimes you try to find It
You scramble through your mind — no luck!
You feel delicate, calm.

Other times your mind remains clear longer
You get it,
and you will continue to get it.

You’re in a warm place filled with a gentle jubilation
A place of pure happiness
Filled with freedom and a deep love for yourself
A safe place
It shields you
A solid place that no one can destroy
You’re positive.

It feels like you’ve yearned for It before you ever felt It
As if you’ve been waiting to visit this place
Like you’ve been on an instinctive journey

God lives in all these moments
Within you…
But, just because you will continue to get it
Does not mean Clarity will stay with you always
You can lose it as unexpectedly as it came
All you can do is get yourself prepared
So It may visit again.

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