you held onto my wings and then let them go

you opened the doors of the cage and said be free

fly away and be whatever your heart desires to be

but this so-called freedom came at a price

for with every phone call followed the frightening questions:

“what are your plans? what are you doing? where are you going? when are you coming back? when are you getting married? why don’t you have it figured out??? why did you have to leave?

Why? Why. Why? Why.

Why did I have to leave?

Why. Why? Why. Why?



because, mother, you raised me to be a bird

beautiful & bold. formidable & fearless. a free spirit, a traveler.

& here I am rising early, singing sweet melodies, discovering new land, seeing sunshine & sorrow. living. breathing. growing.

yet you call me back. lasso a pretty collar around my dainty neck and gently tug at the leash.

can’t you see that it harms me?