A Simple Way To Bring Your Bliss Back

Maryam Webster
May 17, 2017 · 2 min read

What brings your bliss back, and where are you getting the Bliss into your life today? This morning, a beautiful organic peach for my salad brought back a rich treasure stored deep and warm, waiting for me to find it again.

I whittled pieces from the fruit to go in my salad but then, suddenly, popped the juicy pit in my mouth, sucking the flesh off, peach juice dripping down my chin into the sink, sighing in delight.

That peach tasted so very good, all on its own. I wanted to experience that before the melange of the salad. The sweet stickiness in my mouth, rolling down my throat, the juice dripping fom my chin…pure utter bliss.

Just like when I was a little girl in my Grandpa’s orchard.

Instantly I was borne back to the trees in Oskaloosa, Kansas. To the hot sweet smell of the fruit ripening in the sun, the lazy droning of the bees on peach blossoms, and in their skeps down in the apiary. To the gentler hum of my mother, grandmother and aunt gossipping as they picked the fruit. Of Grandpa cracking jokes with the men harvesting the peaches, and their cheerful singing.

Me, sleepy underneath the shade of a tree, watching sap ooze from the bark, a juicy peach half-eaten in my hand, the juice gloriously sticky on my chin, hands and in my hair, too. A bee perched on the edge of my peach, sucking its sweet nectar. I watched it through half-closed eyes, unafraid, the bee and I united as one creature, in bliss.

Content in the Perfect Moment.

This peach, these juices moist and sweet-smelling in my mouth, on my lips and chin, the warm drone of bees out the window in this garden, so far away from Grandpa’s orchard in both distance and in time, bring all that back to me — the joy, the comfort, knowing that I am loved, held gently, and am safe within protected borders, that my every action and thought are cherished and encouraged.

All the feelings that tend to diminish with age and circumstance, are suddenly brought back full force in this one, perfect bite of peach. 🍑




Maryam Webster

Written by

Free Range Goddess, Psychologist & Writer. Cats, Dulcimers, Coffee, Nature & World Change. Pouring love on your life at Writesmyth.com ❤️

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