The need to transform how we eat
Ben Edwards

I stopped eating meat, dairy, eggs, and highly processed food a year ago. In addition to losing 40 pounds I feel tons better, headaches gone, IBS and arthritis pain GONE. I don’t eat meat substitutes but beans, mushrooms etc.. are perfect and have a high satiety level. Yes it took effort, giving up steak, burgers was hard but now it doesn’t interest me and ice cream was tough last summer but I’m over it now. I did fall into the vegan junk food trap but that’s highly processed and learned. I now eat Whole Food Plant Based no added salt, oil, sugar. Grocery bills plummet.

I’m the only one I know in my circle of friends not on meds for various aging diseases, heart meds, diabetes, IBS, Fibromyalgia, R.A., blood pressure, etc

There are many books from reputable physicians on this subject, The China Study, How Not to Die, etc.

If you don’t do it for the planet do it for yourself. I did. Just keep at it, it’s not perfection but progress.

Yes genetics can be the loaded gun but your diet pulls the trigger.

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