What exactly is your brand saying to me?

Imagine you’d only have to see the famous apple to know who we are talking about

A brand is one of its company’s most valuable assets. It represents the face of the company. It is a promise to me and it tells me -your customer- what to expect from your products and services.

Your brand actually differentiates your offering from competitors and it is gotten from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

Alright, since we’ve gotten the introductions down, here are a few ‘steps’ in helping you get what your brand deserves.


The foundation of your brand is in your logo. Your website, packaging and even promotional materials should be communicated to your brand. Since it represents the face of the company, it is important to pay attention to the slogan, logo or mark that the public associates with for easy identification. It touches everything from where you use your logo, how you speak, and even the gender of your company.

Tip: Imagine your brand as a person and allow it to develop a personality of its own.

Colours and imagery:

The imagery of the brand is the impression in my mind as a customer. So it should be easily transferred from web to print. The images should be able to communicate to the outside world.

Tip: Use pretty colours that can communicate properly to the outside world and also colours that are gender appropriate.


Imagine you’d only have to see the famous apple or a flash of red and you instantly know who we are talking about. So if you asked most people what a brand was, they’d probably tell you it was a logo.

Tip: Stand out with that one thing that will make you recognizable in a minute.

Tone of voice:

Your brand goes beyond visual appearance and extends to the way it speaks to the outside world as well as internally. When you think of some of your favorite brands, you know the way they will speak to you through their smooth marketing skills.

Tip: Try to establish your unique voice and make sure it’s consistent.


Do you realize how the world is no longer the way it used to be? Well, with social media playing a big part in businesses today, there will most certainly be marketing elements that you’ll only use online. Here’s a post about how the internet can help your business. the world itself is becoming more digitalised and you will most certainly extend your branding guidelines towards this.

In Conclusion, did you know that your brand is the key to any company whether they sell clothing or industrial parts? The foundation of your brand is your logo; and it is actually very important if you care about what your brand is saying about you.

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