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Interviews with POWs who Served with Senator John McCain: A Tribute

Ten years ago I left grad school and took a job at a major news network. I was hired to help them cover the 2008 presidential conventions. While in Minnesota for the RNC Convention, I was assigned to find and interview former POWs who served with John McCain. Below is a raw edit of the interviews I conducted at the 2008 RNC Convention with Leo Thorsness and Captain Jerry Coffee, two POWs who spent time with John McCain in Hanoi Hilton.

Words cannot thoroughly express how it felt to interview those American heroes and learn about Senator McCain through the eyes of others. To hear stories about their time at Hanoi Hilton and how McCain refused special treatment. It was an experience I have never forgotten.

And as the news came across my feed of the passing of John McCain I am taking a moment to pause and remember him through the eyes of his fellow soldiers I had the chance to meet and get to know.

In today’s frenetic political climate, John McCain’s absence will be felt not only in the Senate but also in our nation.