Food Packaging Requires Innovation And Creativity

Anyone who prepares food is well aware that presentation of food is as important as the food itself. Once a delicious food product has been made, it is time to start packaging it well in a way that it is able to attract consumers. This requires a lot of thinking. This is because food packaging has to be attractive, and a lot more. It has to be informative as well as follow all the FDA standards and other state requirements. There may be some shipping supplies required in order to do so.

There are a number of design tips that can help to create food packaging that can stand out while complying with the federal as well as state requirements too.

Hence visual appeal will always be the first factor. This is the top way to attract your customer. This would mean having a good label. It must have high-quality visuals. There must be an attractive logo that is placed strategically on the product packaging. It should be able to draw the customer’s eye to the product when it is placed along with other products.

Food packaging has to be informative. Customer will purchase a product only after knowing what it is and what it contains. This means that just the name of the product is not enough. There has to be a secondary description on the food product packaging. Based on the kind of food product, there will be a host of other things that it should contain. This would include a UPC code or a QR code. Next will be the name of the manufacturer or distributor of the product. There may have to be safe handling instructions. There will be instructions if it needs to be refrigerated besides the usage tips. There can be the USP of the product mentioned here. This would be regarding things that set the product apart from that of the competitors.

The food packaging has to comply with all the food labeling requirements. This is because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have established very strict food labeling requirements in case of food products. These have to be included in these packaged foods. The requirements can be with regard to adding a nutrition fact panel or having an ingredients list. Or else there can be nutrition claims. It is important to comply with all the food labeling requirements while designing the food packaging. This is mandatory by law.

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