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Two months ago, my brain was rewired. The first thing I remember about the night it happened was hearing the tin rattle. I was in a part of LA that I would never find on my own again — indeed, a Neverland for artistic expression. As I approached a dimly lit desk, I noticed a sign that said “No Pictures Allowed”; this wasn’t the kind of spot LA bloggers flocked to for the perfect Instagram shot. The warehouse behind it appeared to be breathing — inhaling with each kick — expanding and contracting its metal frame. I wondered how I…

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This past weekend, this “anti-diversity” manifesto from a Google software engineer leaked. Naturally, it’s prompted a storm of angry responses from the feminist movement in Silicon Valley. I have a lot of thoughts about the manifesto but I would like to address just two for the sake of time.

TLDR to the author of the manifesto: I respectfully disagree with some of your points — but I also agree with others.

Point 0: I was biologically designed to be an engineer.

Contrary to your belief that the lack of women in tech is due to biology, I was actually biologically…

Mary-Ann Ionascu

Tiny person building tiny computers.

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