Passing the baton

After 16 months as Code for America’s COO, I’m closing out my tour of duty and passing the baton.

I’ve had the privilege of working with an incredible team to evolve the organization from a startup tackling a huge mission, to an operation that can support and partner with governments to deliver services that meet the 21st century needs of their community.

During my time at Code for America, we built partnerships with government and technology leaders to sustain and expand our work to help families put food on the table with, and to help the hard-to-employ find jobs. For those following closely at home, you’ll recall that we also recently expanded access to Clear my Record, giving thousands of people a second chance to rebuild their lives, and launched a platform that connects technical talent to public sector technology jobs nationwide.

Each of these advances has been made possible due to the leadership of the team that we’ve built and developed in the past 16 months, as well as the tenacity and the dedication of our most tenured staffers.

I leave knowing that we have the technical leader in place to show what’s possible in terms of meeting user needs while also reducing costs, and the program visionary that can break new ground with our government partners and stakeholders to deliver the outcomes we all seek; government that works for those who need it most.

I look forward to cheering along this incredible team as an advisor and donor in the years ahead, track jacket at the ready for my next tour when the time is right.