How Political Correctness Failed Liberalism
umair haque

I am not as familiar with British politics, but I do know that in the US the sins of the right far outweigh the sins of the left. The far left argues on campuses for symbolic gestures, like nomenclature issues and phony diversity inclusion, while the far right ACTUALLY RUNS THE GOVERNMENT AND THE ECONOMY. The far right is now running for highest office, buys elections and writes laws. There is very little of the middle ground here, as you profess to occupy intellectually. The far left in my country is a straw man used to bolster very unseemly and dangerous politics. They gave the left the neutered world of the Academy and linguistics, while they took Government and Business. The suppression of voting here and the disenfranchisement of college, working class and poor citizens through incarceration and gerymandering has been stunning. Somewhere in the mix of constant war and fundamentalism, the world has decided government is to make a few rich instead of many comfortable. Good luck with that middle ground you imagine exists. Ever hear of Chamberlain, or the Yalta Conference?

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