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Max Berger

Wonderful summary of all the factors that combined to create white male rage syndrome. I have spent countless hours thinking about this in the last few years. I had an American history professor who taught about the “cowboy myth”. That the Wild West was only a handful of years, and fueled by single men so unsociable and dysfunctional that they were drawn to a fantasy frontier where lawlessness and isolation were acceptable. I think of those Pilgrim men, so rigid and simplistic, happy creating their own solipsistic communities in an inhospitable place. I think of the American political policies that created genocide to systematically wipe out entire indigenous peoples. I try very hard to comprehend the mind of slavery, whose insane beliefs held sway for 300 years. There is a strong history of violence and notions of superiority that still permeate our culture. There is still a lack of social cohesion, of being a part of a larger, complex national identity. Frankly, very little seems to bring us together anymore. And the machinery to keep us apart seems very vigorous and intent.

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