#365daysofbeauty — 1/1/2018 — yellow couch

Modern Yellow Couch by Joybird (Photo by Marybeth Gasman, 2018)

I ordered this yellow couch over four months ago from Joybird. It arrived just before the holidays and it is truly sumptuous. It adds a burst of color to my loft and despite being modern in design, it is cozy and comfortable. It’s made of velvet fabric and the seating is deep so you can curl up on it even with your legs crossed. It’s perfect for naps, especially with a really soft blanket and some fluffy pillows nearby. I’m all about comfort in my home as it eases the stress in life — at least for me. I may be mistaken but the yellow color makes me feel happy every time I see it — must be some science beyond that. I think this couch is a thing of beauty.

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