What Does Your Fave Photo Filter Choice Say About You?

Heck if I know… But on Instagram, I am partial to the “LoFi” filter, and LoFi has a very saturated and contrasty look, which is my wont*.

What does that say about me? I bet if Freud still had a shingle up somewhere in 2016, he’d be making strong assertions about the personality traits of “Perpetua” enthusiasts as compared to “Hefe” lovers.

And of course Freud would be talking out of his arse-hole about all of it. Or would he?

I do tend to live my life with a deep-seated** desire for each day to be a sort of overly saturated, contrasty snapshot. Intense. Extreme.

And I detest beige.

That’s all for now. I’m gonna make a point of posting here more often. I’m still drawing pictures of what I dreamt the night before every morning, but I tend to get in a spaced-out, blissful fog when I’m drawing or painting, and can easily lose track of time. This usually ends with me looking up at the clock, gasping, and then rushing out the door with ink all over my hands, having no blog post to show for it.

I feel absolutely RESENTFUL that our planet decided on supplying us with a measly 24 hours for each day.

But I hope that your next 24 hours, dear dreamers, are smothered in a blissful fog, and that your hands are covered in ink and paint and chocolate.

*Had to look this one up to make sure it really is supposed to be “wont” as opposed to “want.” I love weird antiquated quirks like “wont.”

**I really thought this was supposed to be “deep-seeded” (not deep-seated. But… at least the online dictionary I checked admitted that seeded” makes more sense than seated.” I feel so validated! So vindicated!

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