Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud
Spencer Gundert

Has the author been asleep while the Republicans have been engaging in massive voter suppression and election fraud that harm all Democrats? He ignores that the Clinton campaign, the DNC and the Sanders campaign are all involved in the lawsuit against AZ (where Republicans control elections). Here’s blatant misuse of the exit polling information as well: According to his chart in only Massachusetts, Illinois and Missouri did the exit polls indicate a Sanders win while actual results were Clinton wins. And in 2 of those the margin of victory for Clinton was small and within the margin of error, leaving only Mass. where it was barely over the line at 2.6%. The author apparently doesn’t know that elections are conducted in the thousands of counties in the country, under the supervision of the states and the states where voter suppression is occurring are mostly Republican-controlled. The author apparently overlooks that those terrible electronic voting machines are owned and controlled by Republican-dominated corporations. So, of course they aren’t going to mess with Republican elections, only Democratic ones or General Elections with the two parties competing. It’s a huge stretch to claim that the voter suppression and fraud were all Clinton’s fault. Also, what is his explanation for the Washington State problem in which the caucuses (notorious voter suppression elections) went for Sanders while the primary election with 3 times the number of voters would have selected Clinton.