Agent Orange

That guy in the White House? The one with

Russian mob ties? I got news for ya, kid:

Everybody knew.

You think it was a shock to the head of the FBI? White

collar crime bureau? You think the deep state didn’t know who that

man was running with? Not even after a couple hundred thousand dollar fine for breaking anti-money laundering laws?

My friend Moe, she worked in NY. On Wall St. In the 1980s.

“Everybody knew,” she told me.

So that tells you: The Wall St. Journal knew. And they didn’t

stop the farce. The NYT knew. The Grey Lady was probably looking forward

to what might spurt out if she went down far enough on

her knees.

The NY Post knew. And the Daily News, too. And if the WSJ and the

Post knew, then so did so did the News UK and every Murdoch paper in the world.

And Fox.

Hows about NBC? You think TV shows make themselves? Make their own outtakes reels and mail themselves to Tom Arnold’s friends? And if NBC knew, then so did Rachel. And Chris. All of them.

So tell me again, how the Deep State didn’t know what they were letting in the door. Tell me Mitch, and Paul, and Bob, and John couldn’t have had any idea. Tell me Barack and Hillary were clueless. And Mr. Righteous Comey was shocked.

Fusion GPS? No one hires a fishing guide in the Sahara. So, yes, the DNC knew. And they let it go, probably because they thought that would make November a cake walk.

RNC? You know why they let it happen?

Because they knew, they also knew they could take him down whenever they wanted. Gotta bad CEO? It’s easier to fire a criminal than it is a saint, on any given day. We’re shocked! Shocked there’s gambling in this White House! Mine for all the coal you want, slash all the taxes you want, bankrupt the country for your donors, go kill a wolf — that all goes with the territory, can’t damage the office, ya know, we gotta keep the office powerful. But a blow job, oh heavens, no. Russian mob, well, he was their chump, of course! He had no idea. But now he’s going insane and has to go.

And now, he has to go. And he will, when all the ducks are in a row, but not before then, the USS Trumpsky will go down.

It’s just a question of whose ducks.

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