Yelp Fired A Single Mother Today: Me
Jaymee Senigaglia

Yes, Yelp is an evil corporation , yes labor laws need to change in this country and yes, parents should be provided with infrastructure to raise their kids but this woman is not the champion of that cause. We need to separate charlatans from the real ones.

What is really annoying me is her statement that she doesn’t rely on the State for assistance, but it also reveals a great deal about you Jaymee. You know why? A single mother on State assistance wouldn’t have upended her life and her child’s life to take up a job that doesn’t even pay for rent. Heck, Yelp wouldn’t even be reaching out to single mothers on welfare to advertise on their website as you claimed is how you landed your job.

You said, you took out a loan that charges you 300% Interest Rate to move. Well no one asked you, and if your credit score is bad that is not really the responsibility of your employer now is it? But you know what Jaymee, I clicked on the website of your lender, you need a bank account for them to transfer the money. Single mother’s on state assistance cannot afford to have one. The increasing maintenance fees of $10 to $12, that banks charge puts a huge dent on their monthly budget.

You know what Jaymee single mother’s with children on State’s Assistance don’t hop, skip and jump from San Francisco to San Jose and from one job to the other and neither do they have their own Spa that offer vegan and organic Brazilian waxes.

Lets talk about your job for a second now. You complain about hardship of being single mother and you yammer on about how your family ( I am thinking it is your son) needs you, it makes you sound like a struggling Madonna with the purest of intentions and yet here you are with a job that doesn’t even cover your rent. So how do you manage to pay for your sons day care, food and other maintenance? Looks like you have moved back and forth between SF to San Jose, several times, which means you knew the about the living conditions there, and yet the tone of the article makes it sound like you took up this job without realizing the $2000/ month you were earning wouldn’t be enough. You see a single mother on state’s assistance could only aspire to make the money you make per month, and they would definitely know moving to one of the most expensive cities in the world with a child might not be the most prudent of ideas.

Then lets talk about the job itself. Yelp Account Executives are a dime and dozen. Unfortunately that is what happens when you decide to have a child without a father present ( I don’;t care about single or not) , not have an education and try and still think you are entitled to having it all . You have held more than 6 jobs in 10 years, and these are not jobs in grocery stores but glamarous jobs in high -end Spas and department chains. You might have been able to close accounts worth $20,000 but I am sure you were not alone. While, you child’s illness is understandable, your excuse that your son hid your door keys is preposterous. Then you try and correct Yelp stating you took 6 and maybe another half a day not 10 days, do you know how arrogant, fake and arrogant you sound? Maybe you don’;t know much about professionalism or responsibility, but if you call in last minute then someone else has to taken on that work from you! Their life, work , stress and goals are less important than yours because you are a single mother? And the defiant, entitled, excuse that your son hid the house keys and you couldn’t come to work is the most preposterous sentence I have read in a long time. Who the hell do you think you are? Taking last minute leave is disruptive not only for the employer but your fellow colleagues as well. ‘

Then you claim your boy friend was injured, and you called to let them know of the situation. In your own words you state you had used up all your PAID holidays and you were requesting unpaid leave of absence, something that they had not agreed to yet. ( Your own words - “They told me they hoped he would be okay, they were so sorry, and would look into options Monday.”)

Looks like your family has been bailing you out for too long and denying you the opportunity to grow up and take responsibility. As I stated above a single mother on state assistance would not have had the opportunity you have had.

And please, stop with the martyr syndrome of single mother. You don’;t represent them or their struggles. If you were a responsible, mature mother, you would have taken into consideration your son’s interest. Not just hop, skipped and jumped on a 300% Interest Loan back to San Francisco.

The fact is struggling single mother’s more than ever need social and economic infrastructure. They are isolated, anxious and often feel like they are not in control of their life. We also need to fight for a living wage, more pay and paid vacation. But we also need to emphasize the importance of integrity, responsibility, diligence and you Jaymee are not that.

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