Tell Me What You Did Today and I’ll Tell You Who You Are
Benjamin P. Hardy

Wow, Benjamin! Thank you for writing this! It is great to learn how well I am doing with my life. In the last 24 hours:

  • I got 8 hours of sleep
  • completed my regular morning routine which includes meditation, cleansing of my senses, a breathing practice, self massage and 20 mins of yoga
  • At a nutritious small breakfast — better for slower digestion of the early morning including green tea, plant based vitamins, locally made granola and almond milk
  • I taught yoga this morning for 75 minutes — an occupation which I find challenging and fulfilling
  • I connected with a friend who is going through a rough time
  • spent an hour with my financial planner which included a conversation which may lead to booking a workshop to help people understand money consciousness
  • Ate a delicious home-made lunch — my largest meal of the day which works best for digestion
  • Set up for my Airbnb guest- a business that is helping me finance the writing of my first book
  • chatted with the human resources department of a fantastic organization and solidified a part-time position which will help me to pay off some debt
  • Nurtured the minds of some bright middle-schoolers and helped them problem solve organization skills and homework at a local school
  • Had a nice walk
  • Will have a light dinner of homemade carrot soup then head to a 12-step meeting to learn from others and share my own experience, strength and hope
  • when I get home I will read or make notes for pitches I will send out tomorrow to major publications to facilitate a trip to Belize
  • Spend some time with my teenager before journaling gratitude for the day and getting to bed by 10:30p

Tomorrow will be even better because I will be planning my trip to Belize which will include chatting with marine biologists, important Bleize government officials and some editors.

It’s a wonderful life.

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