What Is The Hidden Side of Food?

It sounds sinister, doesn’t it? The hidden side of food. Like there’s something that we don’t know about when it comes to what we eat.

In some ways that could be true. Do we truly want to know how Twinkies are made or why McDonald’s French Fries never mold? Some knowledge is too dangerous, or too gross, to handle.

Except when I talk about the hidden side of food, that’s not what I mean. For me, the hidden side of food is the emotional and spiritual sides of food. We don’t think about those too often. The food we eat has a price beyond the dollars and cents we pay at the restaurant or grocery store.

There’s the price for…

how it’s grown.
how it’s processed and harvested.
how the food makes us feel.
how the food affects our bodies in a physical sense.
how the food affects our bodies in the energetic sense.

For many, certain choices can be made which affect the first two. However, for many families living in poverty or in food deserts, there are few choices in that regard. So while my work discusses on a very farm-to-table level how to work with the first two, the focus is on the bottom three.

The hidden side of food is the way food makes us feel and how it affects our bodies on all levels — the physical, spiritual, and emotional.

It is on this level that we can work, each of us within our own communities, our own homes, our own selves, to discover the hidden side of food and how to make it work for us.

Because there is a way to make it work for each of us, and that way is as unique as we are. To start with, think about the food you eat. How does it make you feel? Let’s start there.