Ooh, I do have a lot of thoughts about this!
Your Fat Friend

I read the original article too. It seems plus size is anyone over a size six who’s arms jiggle. I think folks are exchanging plus for unfit. I’m not only a plus, but I’m an ultra.Ultra Plus is a tacky term for anyone size 22–36 and yes, there are bigger sizes.Up until recently I was a size 34w (I’m now a svelte 28w)and you are right, it seems not only is it okay to publicly taunt us,but small acts of assault are tolerated as well. (Ever been hit with a half can of beer coming out of a truck at 50?) I feel Amy has evey right to embrace imperfections, but embracing her “Plusness” is not only a lie, but it makes true plus girls feel they are even bigger, because a 12 year old size 18 is NOT inspired by a “brave” size 6. Rumor Wilson who is also a big girl is a better example. Look, I’m fat. I don’t sugar coat it,(mmmmm sugar) but I don’t hate myself either. We need to get over this plus bs! Are standard issue girls minus? I’m fat, I’m tall,and I’m tremendous!(Even though size doesn’t matter) .

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