10.3 Television Advertising Critique Sheet

Name: Imagine The Possibilites — Barbie

Advertisement: Barbie

The visual effects that are used in the commercial represent a middle class American society. An average suburban high school, a veterinarian’s office, an airport, a college lecture auditorium, and a museum represent the usual places a middle class American may be on an average day. The simple music in the background creates a playful atmosphere, as the girls are pretending to be professionals. The language used is English, so the location is most likely in America. The format is fantasy. The young girls are using their imagination to be whatever they want. Synopsis: The advertisement features different locations such as an airport, a field, and a college campus, but with young girls as the featured professional. The girls are pretending but their audience plays along. In the last shot the young girl in playing with her Barbie’s and playing the same role of teacher that she was playing in the first shot. The target market of the advertisement is the parents of the potential Barbie owners. The benefit of the advertisement is it opens up the possibility for the young girls to dream and aspire to be whoever they wish. The Barbie dolls help foster that creativity. The call to action in the advertisement is a call to not stifle the imaginations and dreams of little girls.