A ring, a sign pointing to a firm foundation

Most of us wait for that “one thing”. The “one thing” that the rest of our life has been leading to. Whether it be all the relationships we suffered through in order to find the perfect one or the career that we land after pushing through many forming and sometimes difficult jobs. Once we find this “one thing”, we will be happy and we can rest assured that this will be the foundation and source of security in our lives.

Marriage can be viewed this way, as that “one thing”. When things go wrong I can fall back on the support of my marriage. All the longings to fill the void of loneliness, answered. My source of joy and a firm foundation.

My ring, when Edd gave it to me, was a magnetic symbol.

A magnetic symbol of all things passing.

The same day that Edd gave me my ring, he told me the story behind it. His grandmother had bought this diamond after the death of her husband, it was not given to her. She wore it around her neck to remind her of him. Gruesome, perhaps to use an an engagement stone.

After he told me this, I softly studied this rock. A smile began to grow on my face.

This magnetic symbol was such a tangible and magnetic reminder of the fragility of any foundation that we can create in this life.

I love Edd and as much as I love him it would be easy to see our marriage as a firm foundation. A fulfillment of my longings and a source to all my joy and fulfillment. But this would be false and fading.

The rock flickers a reminder that most things are passing. We will die, tragedy can strike, affection may fade, meaning will be forgotten.

Before I met Edd, I remember sitting in church wondering what stood in the way of fully saying yes to God. It struck me that it was my desire for a partner. If God didn’t give me that, then I was done. After that service, I deleted my online dating site to remind myself that I wanted to place my foundation on always being open to saying yes to God. Whatever, whenever, wherever that will be.

This rock reminds me that false foundations fade and die but that my truest foundation rests on an openness to follow God’s call. That call has led me to Edd and that is why this ring is also a sweet gift amidst its sobering reminder.

A sign of the mercy and goodness of god swirled in with the sobering reminder of the dust that we come from and the dust we return to. A reminder of the only lasting “one thing.”