Many Helping Hands

God’s grace often shows up through other people.

After our wedding, a friend asked me what my favorite wedding gift was.

I was struck by the question as we had received many beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Many warm words. Sweet hugs.

The gift that moved me the most was the many helping hands.

The ways that people showed up. All the way.

I feel if I were to start a list that it would inevitably leave someone out. I can say that there is no way to fully say thank you.

For those who showed up before the wedding. Who listened to us process our transition.

For those who helped us plan logistical details.

For those who supported us financially.

For those who prayed for us.

For those who offered their unique gifts to create music, decorate etc…

For those who spoke out loud their words of affection.

For those who housed family and friends.

For those who planned beautiful parties and events prior to the wedding.

For those who traveled from afar.

For the many ways that I can’t even fully soak in your support.

Many helping hands, thank you.