Can I sleep……forever?

I’m so tired and confused

Sleep, you’re my only escape from this rowdy place

As I fall asleep

I wander off to this world of nothing

I have no worries

Everything is just so peaceful

Feels like every time I sleep, I die

I fall into a space of nothingness and suddenly I’m gone

But then I woke up and everything hurts

Reality will hit again

If only I could sleep forever…..Oh wait I can.

I want to. Every night I thought of this

I need an easy way to sleep forever.

To not feel the pain anymore

Never come back

People won’t look for me after I’m gone

How can I go like this?

Feels like I can’t breathe another second or minute longer.

I want to sleep until I get better

I always think of being a ghost and wander to this world

I am slowly

Losing friends

Losing faith

Losing myself

Who says life is easy?

I know all people get tired

They all did

This world is insane

But my sanity’s slowly fading

Drinking my thoughts

I suddenly realized, I’m alone

Tears were falling

I heard a voice screaming, oh wait…

That’s me, drowning underneath

Do I really want to be gone


I just want to be found and be love?

I am sorry for everything I’ve done