A future tale of LGBTQ/Lynxid dys/utopia

Autocratic Date (AD) 2031, year 2 of the Lynxid Enlightenment (LE). Interior of a military facility control room buried in the Rocky Mountains of what was still called the United States of America. Although there was no longer anything state-like or united about them.

I twitched a brow to scramble my screen and turned, facing his threat.

“You asked, in a condescending tone, I might add, what made me think I could find information you couldn’t? How would I ever find anything useful on Google?”

Arms folded, snarl splashed with the LED glow covering his once square-jawed, recruiting poster face…

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I need to offer you, the Queer and Trans* community, an apology.

I was wrong about you, especially about transwomen. It took some devastating personal life lessons to change my mind. For every harm I’ve done you, I most humbly apologize.

I came out as a radical lesbian feminist with strong separatist tendencies at the turn of the 70s into the 80s.

The gender polarity of the 50s was a completely defining structure in my life. It was such a strangling, restrictive feature, that by the time I was in my late twenties I knew that I daily fought a war for my life against the repression of male-dominated social structures, male authorities, most men and most women.

I rejected even the gender designation of “woman” because of the root gender designation of…

Mary-Ellen Maynard

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