Seeking Saneness in a World of Insanity

I am currently a senior at Lancaster Bible College studying to become a future educator. Growing up in a strong Christian home did not mean that I was immuned to the money-crazed, sex-addicted culture around me. As the youngest of six, I definitely had less strict rules and restrictions when it came to relationships. I can already tell that my reading of Bridge’s book Respectable Sins and Tripp’s book Sex and Money will be of great value in helping me make wiser choices in these two areas that I wish I had known more when I was in high school. I wish to share what I am learning through these books to help the next generation navigate through these tough issues.

In the first chapter of Tripp’s book Sex and Money, Tripp gives real examples of ways that sex and money have been affecting our culture. “She’s thirteen and the thing she can’t stop thinking and talking about is her impending breast development. For her, being a woman is all about the size of one’s breasts” (Tripp 13). Tripp goes on to give the example of parents who came to him concerned about their son who is addicted to pornography. The craziest part about it was that he was only eight years old. That is a third grader! Hearing those two examples really shook me up. That boy and girl are just children, and the things they are struggling with I did not even know about at that age. It is quite scary knowing that the statistics of children being exposed to sexual things are lowering. I never thought that going into elementary education I would have to deal with students who are struggling with sex. However, that may well be a reality that I need to be prepared for.

In this article, different sex educators express what they wish parents would say to their children in the areas of sex. Coming from a non-Christian source, I knew I would not agree with most of the things stated in the article. Even so, I was appalled to read that sex educators were encouraging parents to talk to their children about sex at the age of five. Even though children are being exposed to sex earlier and earlier, I do not think it is wise for parents to talk to their children when they do not even understand their own bodies themselves. This article shows how much sex has affected our cultural thinking and how normal it has become to the world. Isaiah 54:13 states, “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.” God wants parents to raise their children to be vessels for Him, not to go along with worldly teaching and thinking.

As a future public school teacher, I realize the sad reality that children will be struggling with sexual things at an early age. As Tripp says, “Both have the perverse power to master your heart and in so doing determine the direction of your life” (17). It is important to teach young children that while sexuality is an important topic, it is not one to get so caught up in that it controls your life. I want to help protect my students from what the world teaches, and instead focus on what the Bible teaches about these issues.