2015: Unpredictable.

I don’t publish many posts here because I tend to start writing and find myself lost in a sea of words that don’t really add up. Then I delete the post and move on to whatever it was I was supposed to be doing in the first place.

Having said that, I wanted to take few minutes to make a note of 2015. It was a strange one. Was it a year of learning? A year of adventure? A year of hope? All of the above?

Put simply, it really wasn’t any different than any other year. I moved to a new city (standard for me), started a new adventure (standard for me) and made a whole new group of friends and colleagues (also standard). Even so, 2015 was abnormally challenging because it was the first time in my life that I had ever launched myself into a difficult situation with no parachute. I learned more about myself and my abilities in the past 12 months than any 12 month period before.

Each year, I gain a bit more confidence, more energy, more resiliency, and definitely more sass. 2015 was no different.

I started the year thinking I would be launching a startup in Kansas City — putting that newly minted Master’s degree to use. Then about two weeks later, I woke up, looked in the mirror and laughed. By the beginning of February, I had packed my bags and moved to San Francisco.

I haven’t looked back.

For six months, I spent my days trying to learn the ropes of this strange world of startups and my late-nights running along the bay in an attempt to keep my head in the game. With the help of others, I pushed myself to new limits, and experienced new and exciting challenges. I learned that there is no limit to the accomplishments of humans but leveling up takes hard work and stamina.

If we keep pushing, jumping, lurching forward…we will never reach a limit. The limit only exists in our minds and life is really just a game of exercising our mind to be able to solve a new problem every day.

TL:DR — 2015 was a weird one. It was fun, challenging, scary, wild, outrageous. For a bit of perspective: I jumped out of an airplane in November and it wasn’t even the scariest (or stupidest) moment of the year.

I’m ready to take on 2016. I’ll travel. I’ll accomplish something. I might even learn to ski. Maybe I’ll visit south America. Maybe I’ll go to Japan. Or maybe life will turn me in a new direction. Who knows? Ask me in a year.

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