It hurts my heart to see Bernie supporters shut down Hillary Clinton as a fraud or somehow unqualified to be the President of the United States. Let’s talk about this for a minute people — Hillary Clinton is the MOST qualified candidate to run for President of the United States for the past two or three decades. I get it. For me, Obama was more charismatic and inspiring. I see how some people think Bernie is more charismatic. 8 years ago, I loved Obama’s story and his wonderful family. I trusted him to lead our nation. I think it was the right decision and I don’t regret it.

But today, I’m moved by Hillary. She’s a proven leader and has many many wins. She’s not getting ahead because she’s a woman — she’s getting ahead because she’s a brilliant leader and politician. She’s also a badass woman. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on a small meeting when she was just about to leave her post as Secretary of State. For those of you who have seen her work in a small setting like this, you know what I say when I commend her for her intelligence, communication skills, and ability to take feedback and explain her stance. WE NEED THIS.

In 2017, we need a leader who is going to hold people accountable, but also make some peace and partner across political boundaries. Our world is HURTING BADLY. We need someone who can put a human element into politics and diplomacy, while also remembering the challenges facing all Americans. We need the President of the United States to bridge gaps around the world that can bring healing and progress. Hillary Clinton is so up for the job.

You’re bummed that Bernie got burned. I get it. But quite frankly his stance was unrealistic, uninformed, and actually quite divisive. We need a connecter. A healer. Hillary Clinton is more than up for the job and we should align to support her.

Let’s be honest — your alternative is Donald Trump. So….

For fun — watch this video.