While governments try to define the lockdown timelines, tech industry steps up in the COVID-19 relief efforts to help move the needle

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What’s expected of tech startups and entrepreneurs in the COVID-19 crisis? …

But not for much longer!

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Not going to lie, this post started as one of those slightly unoriginal “I’ve attended a VR event, and here’s my take” pieces. Yes, all of those things did happen: I attended a VR-based conference (not like there are any other kinds these days), and I “walked away” thinking deep thoughts. But it was my fifth conference in VR over the past month, so I thought I’d try and summarize what irked me about every one of them.

But first, a few words about my latest experience, XRBase’s yearly Investor Event, held entirely in VR for the first time. It’s a public pitch event where pre-select startups are each given three minutes to pitch. …

Tips on how to re-allocate marketing budget and shift focus in today’s environment.

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Perhaps, digital marketing doesn’t seem like the first thing to take care of in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re seeing how the startup scene is quickly splitting into two camps: those who try to stay afloat and use every cent to support their staff (Airbnb has definitely seen better days) and those who struggle to cope with increasing demand (bless Zoom server support team). For the first ones, marketing becomes an unaffordable luxury, while the latter might not even need any extra visibility right now.

Does that mean every startup needs to stop doing digital marketing — at least for now? …


Mary Glazkova

Technology-focused PR specialist | GWPR member | WomenTech Network Ambassador | VP of Comms | Venture Partner | London, UK

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