Dirty Old Men

Today I formally met one of my old man crushes (all my crushes are old men), and we ended up having quite a genuinely awkward encounter. We were both stowing in the same area when he asked me about the yoga he’d seen me doing around the RV park. We exchanged names and he was very pleasant. A short while after, I was coming up behind him and he was standing at his cart, and I figured he was looking at his scanner. I said something to him, and he quickly and very guiltily threw something back onto his cart and turned around looking flustered. I glanced down at what he’d been holding, and it was some nudie book with a thong-wearing woman on the back cover. I gave him a look that I hoped would say, “I’m so shocked that I caught you looking at that but find this situation overwhelmingly hilarious!” He was completely embarrassed, and unfortunately for us, I was done with my cart and went to another area to stow books and DVDs. I came back to where he was working after a while, and he came up to me and apologized if he’d offended me. I laughed and asked him if he’d found any more interesting reading. I also told him I look at dirty stuff too, and laughed about it for the rest of the day.

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