An Intermission (or Inter-Mich-sion!) with MI people

It was impawsible to resist a little r & r while home.

Once upon a time, I landed the opportunity of a lifetime and was asked to travel the world with an incredible company. These first few weeks of the Around the World program have taught me many lessons. Here are a few!

Corporate Travel Management:

  • Data is king. The way that companies collect, analyze and utilize data can make a world of difference. The race for data is real and the results have the power to create a massive competitive advantage.
  • Travel companies have an urgent need to adapt to a changing world if they want to survive. They can respond to this by being innovative and strategic in the ways they manage their resources (especially technology) and the support modern traveler.
  • Companies are not all equal in travel policy objectives. Most commonly, the objective is either cost savings or traveler experience.

Other points worth noting:

  • Anna discovered Tide-To-Go. I think it may have been her biggest takeaway from the USA.
  • Power naps are the key to success.
  • Don’t let a little fraud get you down. There are some sneaky people out there but there are more good ones and fortunately they are in my corner.
  • There is no shame in accepting coffee and treats when offered.
  • Always pack a snack. Always.
  • Traveling involves a lot of waiting. Learn to love your own company and entertain yourself and you are golden.
  • Life is short, befriend your seat buddy on the plane (that way, if you fall asleep he/she will grab you snacks. Snacks are important.)
  • Stay giddy about the view from above the clouds. Traveling is magical and there is no sense in becoming desensitized to its many wonders.
Had a really neice time with the fam!

Having 6 days off in my home, sweet Michigan was highly anticipated and incredibly revitalizing. My time here consisted of sleeping a lot, eating a lot, spending time with loved ones, and, of course, one of my favorite hobbies — speed unpacking and repacking. Having some time to rest also provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my learnings. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I am so grateful for a break. But as of now, I am itching to get back on an airplane and head to Hong Kong! I am eager to dig deeper into the culture of BCD Travel and learn more about the business travel industry. Above all, I’m beyond excited to eat copious amounts of authentic Chinese food (just kidding…mostly).

Joyrides in the little ol’ mitten. I’m smitten.

So, will I survive in China despite lacking proficiency in the art of chopsticks? Will I starve? Stay tuned!

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