2 Tips for a More Fulfilling Career

Mary Guirovich
4 min readMar 17, 2022

Having worked alongside thousands of women in different industries, I am aware of a very common concern: When is it time to call it quits? While there are valid reasons for leaving a company, there are a couple of evaluations I recommend before actually doing so.

Here are 2 tips toward a more fulfilling career:

Tip 1: Understand why you feel like leaving. If you dread going to sleep on Sunday because you’ll have to wake up Monday morning and head to the office, chances are you’re not passionate about the work you’re currently doing. It doesn’t mean you never were, it could very well mean that you’ve lost it along the way. No matter which way you spin it, currently the passion for this work is non-existent.

It’s possible you may have found yourself getting lost in work you feel is meaningless. Perhaps you wandered down this road because the wages were good, but now you feel stuck at a job you don’t care much about. Sadly, the world has taught us that this is the normal way to approach work; that it’s joyless, often meaningless, and something that we have to do if we want a paycheck.

The beautiful thing about living in a country like ours is that you don’t have to stay stuck! We are given opportunities here and that means we get to choose where we’d like to work! And when you find an occupation that you’re passionate about in a company that you love, it won’t feel like work each and every day! It’ll no longer be something you have to do, but something you get to do.

Of course, this career shift doesn’t mean that we’ll love every aspect of our jobs all the time, but if we’re passionate about the mission our company is on, then that will make doing the work more meaningful.

Questions to ask yourself: How does the company I work for make a difference in the world? What problem is it solving for people and am I passionate about that?

If you find that your answers to these questions are not very positive, it could be time to switch careers. However, if you find that your answers were resoundingly positive, maybe it’s time to shake things up and revive the passion you once had for this career! Which leads us to…

Tip 2: Change roles, not companies. If you found that your passion aligns with the…

Mary Guirovich

Mary Guirovich is the CEO of My Promotion Plan a company that empowers women to go from passed over to promoted. And the author of “God’s Not Done with You.”