It’s Time to Take Charge

Mary Guirovich
3 min readJan 26, 2022

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past couple of years, it’s that we’re not always in control. As we all know, God has plans for us which can sometimes take us in unexpected directions. Nevertheless, there are always aspects of our lives that we can steadily take charge of.

What Does it Mean to “Take Charge”?

Taking charge means accepting control and taking responsibility. I love this definition because it shows that it’s not about controlling everything around us, but about taking responsibility for all that we can control.

Believe me, this is easier said than done. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been overcoming a case of COVID-19, which has made “taking charge” quite difficult. Once I saw that positive COVID test, a series of thoughts flooded my mind: “I won’t get to see my family”, “I won’t get to go outside”, essentially all pointing to the booming phrase: “I am not in control of this.”

I’ll be honest, I was devastated for a few moments there. But after gaining some clarity, I realized something; I can’t control the fact that I have this illness, but I can control my attitude towards it. I decided at that moment that I wasn’t going to let COVID get the best of me. I knew I could walk out of my house in ten days and say, “ugh, COVID ruined everything,” but instead I challenged myself to ask, “what kind of positive changes can happen from this situation?”

Tactics for Taking Control.

After this realization, I began to slowly take charge of the things I could control. One tactic I found very helpful was writing down all the things I was grateful for every day. I wrote down how grateful I was for my husband, my kids, my friends, but most importantly, that I had a God who could heal me and get me through this process. Once I put my life into perspective and took charge of my mindset, I felt so much better!

Another way I took charge of this situation was that I thought about my overall health. Although I was sick and there wasn’t much I could do, I knew there were other ways I could take charge of my physical health. I did what was in my control; I lifted weights, drank lots of fresh water, took vitamins, etc. I took charge of anything I could to keep myself going physically.



Mary Guirovich

Mary Guirovich is the CEO of My Promotion Plan a company that empowers women to go from passed over to promoted. And the author of “God’s Not Done with You.”