Web Design for Every Visitor

Every business and organisation feels that they need to have a website in order to operate, but many fail to understand the importance of clarifying exactly what they want the website to achieve. This explains why the internet is full of beautiful looking web pages that have poor functionality, fail to engage the visitor and have not converted more than a handful of visitors into leads for years.

Web Design Brief

The starting point for effective website design is to have a clear brief. You need to understand what you want to achieve with an online presence. Is your aim to build brand awareness, signpost people to a physical store, sell online or encourage a phone call? Do you want a list of email contacts that you can follow up or FAQ and an enquiry form that reduces the number of calls?

Consider how your website is going to fit into your wider business objectives, your marketing strategy and your growth targets. The purpose of your website should be explained to the designer, in order for them to build a website that can serve this purpose.

Functionality of the Website

Another consideration is what functionality you would like your website to include. You may already be using established data systems or other technology and need to be reassured that the new web design can incorporate the features that you use. Equally, an active social media presence may be a core factor in your marketing strategy and if so, you may want a feed to appear on your website, or discuss other means of integrating your online activities.

If you want your website to function in a particular way, an experienced web designer should be able to suggest means of achieving this goal. This is a clear advantage of using a specialist, rather than simply having a go yourself.

User Experience

It is always important to remember that your company’s website is not designed for you to use, it should be designed to attract, engage and convert your target visitor. The World Wide Web is designed to provide a means of open communication and interaction without barriers. The type of hardware or software someone is using, the language they speak or their location, along with mental or physical disabilities should not prevent people from benefiting from the web.

The W3C standards were introduced in 1994 by creator Tim Berners Lee. These guidelines aim to produce high quality web design that offers a rich and interactive online experience, where accessibility for all is encouraged.

Details such as the colour contrast between the background and the text, the ability to resize text, the inclusion of text transcripts alongside video content and the correct use of Headers and other tags are all simple design steps that can help more people to access your online content. The greater the number of people you can reach, the better the chances of delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Communicating with the Web Design Company

A web design company can produce a well laid out site, that looks beautiful, but they don’t know your business inside out like you do. You can’t simply say you want a new website, hand the project over and hope to get exactly what you need when the site is ready to go live.

You need to communicate the purpose, share the desirable functions and clarify the target audience that you are aiming your web design at. As an example, if half of your visitors are likely to be in a non-English speaking country, it is important that the web design company knows this, so translation tools are included.

Design Details

Branding and the visual design are often the primary focus when a new website is being planned. These design details are important for making the website visually appealing, for aiding navigation and for establishing a strong, easily recognisable brand, but they can’t stand alone.

When a swan gracefully glides on the water, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes for that stunning scene to be realised. Equally, plenty of background details are required for an aesthetically pleasing website to also be a strong marketing tool.

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