Things to Know about Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement can occur due to several medical conditions. Luckily, you will find several solutions to treat this problem or reverse the symptoms. It is possible to apply procedures to get male chest into shape. Although, you will find several non invasive solutions to get rid of gynecomastia but if you want to get rid of it immediately, then surgical procedures are best option.

Here are few important facts related to Gynecomastia Surgery:

1. Two types of surgical procedures exist:

It is high time to know that not all the gynecomastia surgeries follow same procedures. Also, you cannot rate them better than each other by making simple comparison. Note that, if there are excessive amount of fatty tissues inside chest area then surgeons will prefer to follow liposuction technique. In case, if it becomes more difficult to cut the glandular breast tissue or affected skin area then removal technique will be followed. Same technique is applied when it is essential to reposition or reduce the nipples. Both these techniques are utilized in unique circumstances and you will get better idea only after meeting your doctor.

2. Risks are minimal:

Studies reveal that male body respond very well to the breast reduction surgeries. But yes, few complications and risks are always associated with surgical procedures. The major troubles are related to changes in sensation or appearance of the nipples, muscle, nerves, damage of blood vessel, infection issues and deep vein thrombosis. Some people may also face scaring issue after treatment.

3. Recovery takes some time:

It is surgery after all so you may not find instant results as the recovery procedure takes some time. You need to make some efforts for post surgery care and it generally takes a week. Surgeons may suggest you rest for few days and you may have to take few pain medications too. After gynecomastia surgery, medical professionals will examine effectiveness of surgery and if everything is fine then they may let you go home with bandages or dressing applied at incisions. Sometimes it is also necessary to wear an additional support garment or elastic band that can assist in reduction of swelling in chest area.

4. It provides permanent solution:

Although, you may need to undergo few touch up procedures after surgery but the results of these invasive procedures are observed to be permanent. One biggest enemy against this treatment is weight gain; if your body starts gaining much volume then you may find little changes in breast area also. Few medications also have side effects that cause increase in size of male breasts.

After going through all these facts you can take better decision about undergoing surgical procedures for your male boobs. There is no doubt to say that this trouble causes embarrassing moments for males in society so it is important to make efforts to get rid of it soon. It is good to find a trustworthy surgeon who can also provide financing service for the surgery; you will be able to have most appropriate solution with such procedures.

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