Once, during my secondary school days, I was mad at someone. I was damn angry. Yes, that kind of anger that comes with a driving force. Why was I angry? We had a smart girl in my class that comes top of the class. Everybody liked and admired her. I also did, but not until she challenged my intelligence. She literally told me in front of the class that I can’t beat her academic performance. Everybody laughed, I also did, but I silently took up the challenge. Meanwhile I came 3rd or 4th effortlessly because I was lazy to study. But at that time, I digged in extra time and efforts in studies. I surprised myself because I didn’t know I could read that much. In summary, I triumphed and took the mantle from her.

Again, I had this 'not-so-good' colleague at work who abruptly started doing so great to the extent of getting a promotion. Everyone at work was surprised, but nobody had the nerves to have that conversation with her. I did,and her answer was shocking and amusing at the same time. She told me she had an introspection, hence she got angry at herself. At first, she didn’t realize how bad she was doing until she broke up with her boyfriend. She said the guy saw nothing good in her no matter how much she tried. So one day, she got angry and ended the relationship. Then she promised herself to work hard and get a better boyfriend.

Amusing and unbelievable, right? Yes, but scenarios like this do occur.

I also have a friend who left his family house angrily and promised not to return until he have made money. One may think he’s insane, but he had his reasons. He explained to me how his family members disrespects and disregards him, making him feels less a man. He also said to my dismal that his wife gives him food anytime she feels like. She does this with the justification that he, as supposed breadwinner has failed in his part.

You’re still in that situation because you’re not yet angry. You’re still comfortable being there. When anger becomes the driving force, even mount Everest would be climbed.

Some weeks ago, my visitor was telling me how her husband’s relatives were tormenting her and making her marriage miserable for her. As she was narrating her ordeal, she got to a point where she said "until I got angry". Then, I knew the story was getting to the most interesting part. I knew things were about to change for good, and it did after all.

Anger is a gift from God to man - ironic twist of life. This is where the beauty of anger comes in. When anger is used in a positive way, it yields positive fruits. When you develop anger for failure, the unceasing quest for success comes in.



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