Why I left

Those extra few years aren’t worth it! I applaud you and know exactly what you mean. Ive since learned the hard way with emotional abuse /crazy lies / let myself be used financially and still kept letting myself literally , at the last year, have psychotic breakdowns every other week. It’s not worth it. And then had to cut off completely because they always will try to come back unless you do as YOU did, grab your coat, remind yourself that the hard road is the one always right, acknowledge the sadness in your heart for whatever part you wish you may have done to do things differently (which is VERY important for everyone , so many women will even get cheated on abused left and spend years shit talking how that person didnt do them right and use the victim card. You didn’t. You chose to look at it as surviving. And saving yourself . And you’re right. All my life I grew up with a broken set of parents , my mom wouldn’t leave because of money. They have maybe kissed a handful of times as pecks and don’t sleep in the same room.. she never did it. And she made herself sick the rest of the life and was in psych offices getting drugs for “pain” and catatonic on her bed when my dad would be emotionally abusing my bro and I into burnt crisps. God bless you! “Pain demands to be felt.”. It’s how we grow. And I love you and got goosebumps Sr how simplistically straight forward this was. Love and Light to you Free(‘d on her own and not by waiting and losing your life / saved yourself like a true strong woman-) Bird ;)

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