Whet Canvas Daily: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Service With A Smile

My face is full of expressions and most of them aren’t terribly flattering. I make the unnatural facial expressions when I’m working which is in no way a reflection of the task at hand. I have a fun photo of me when I was no older than four or five unwrapping a lollipop. Judging by the expression on my face, you would have thought I was disarming an explosive.

I love my career and have learned a great technique while working at the Salamander Resort and Spa. It’s not complicated and delivers amazing results; it’s to simply smile.

I’ve learned to smile always. Smile when I’m walking, smile when I’m lifting heavy bags, smile while when I’m communicating with others and smile when I’m completely alone. Just smile.

The benefit to maintaining a smile is that you are ready to accommodate a need, serve others well, say yes without hesitation, be helpful, greet a stranger, listen intently, ward off illnesses, and, most of all, feel good about most everything.

Feeling good spills out onto every aspect of your day and the goodness is shared with others. Sharing service with a smile is a way of making good things even better.

You can follow my smile by finding me on most platforms as @maryjartist