Whet Canvas Daily: Connecting The Dots and Beyond.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I adore good design. Love when I clean edge meets another clean edge. I feel connected to the Grand Maker when I slow down enough to consider the intention behind any creation. The brain wants to see pattern in all things. The thought process behind making anything is always fascinating to me.

I believe there is always that sweet spot, a tension, between good design and the potential for even better design.

On any given day I see everything with the intention fining good design. Finding that sweet connection between people that need to meet, projects that need supporters, problems that need solutions, and even the bad that needs the good, is evidence of the Masters hand at work.

I love connecting the dots between people and things put at the same time I make sure to leave room for more. The dots are never ending and some even get repurposed. We have so much work to do and can always do better.