Whet Canvas Daily: Facing Shame Changes the Game

Friday, 5–12–2017

Shame doesn’t really have an expiration date. It never really goes away on its own. Sure it dissipates a bit or the pain recalling dulls down, but it never really goes away until you face that shit square in the eye. You have to put in the work.

We can feel shame for a number of things that range from things brought on due to circumstances beyond our control to environmental conditions creating a atmosphere right for shame to occur. Shame is a feeling and this feeling dictates your actions. These actions are actually associated with the ways we create to cover the pain we are feeling while avoiding the shame.

Shame could come when you have an opportunity to do what is right; do something that is basically according to your nature, but you passed it by avoiding doing the bigger painful work to face the shame. It’s cycles on and on and goes nowhere. The shame will mature with you and turn into regret.

Do yourself a favor; skip the endless cycle associated with shame. Face the shame; it really changes the game.