How to Download YouTube videos via TubeMate for watching offline on Blackberry handset?

You can bookmark your Favorite YouTube video on your Blackberry to watch it later on. But there is no guaranty your internet connection will be working when you will need to watch the bookmarked video.

So you will require a Downloader on your Blackberry to watch YouTube videos in offline mode. It will save a lot of your internet data and you can watch the video as many times as you want. So it is economical as well.
You can click on the downloaded YouTube video anytime, anywhere whether there is internet available or not it will not matter to you anymore. 
So download a version of TubeMate for your Blackberry phone and enjoy an unlimited number of YouTube Videos, songs, Entertainment, history, news and educational etc.

We will like to share with you that TubeMate don’t fall in the list of authentic playbook Applications but is compatible with Playbook.
So search for your favorite videos and push the green button. In the next moment, the YouTube video will be stored in your PC or phone.
You have the freedom to choose a desired resolution and format for the video. The quality of the video will also depend on the size of the file. Bigger the sizes of the video, better will be its quality.
The downloaded video is automatically stored in the videos folder of the Playbook, but you can create your own playlist and choose any storage location on your phone or computer, either in the internal or in the external memory.

You may be skeptical about the compatibility of TubeMate app with your Blackberry because many people think since it is not a native App to Blackberry, so it won’t work or its efficiency will be less.

Leave it on us and download TubeMate for your Blackberry phone. It is our word, the Application will fit in your handset like any native App to Blackberry.

The only complication you may face is that the videos may not play initially on your phone. This problem gets fixed once you reboot your Blackberry handset.

In addition, you can have bar file of TubeMate for your Blackberry Playbook.

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