DC Comics Slots Are Quickly Catching Up With Other Competitors

In all history of the North American comic books, two companies have always led the way people think about comic books. The two companies are Marvel and DC. At one point, supporter of Marvel would always say that Marvel does extremely better and on the other hand, those that back DC would always argue that their company is always the best.

It is true that Microgaming does not have a long list of DC comic slots. But that does not deter this reputable gaming developer from creating comic book slot machines you can reckon with. In fact, most of the company’s slots are so highly esteemed that other companies will no longer come at par with Microgaming.

No wonder, even if Microgaming based a game on a certain comic book, it will quickly gain unprecedented acclaim. Learn more about comic book slot machines by heading to our website. With the vast experience the gaming company has been in operation, Microgaming has produced very nice progressive jackpots some of which have give players up to millions of dollars in prizes.

That is why, even if we might not come up with a long list of the comic book slot machines, the company has produced, the two that are available are very popular, can perfectly suit whatever audience. Besides, you are likely to find them almost in every online casino that has Microgaming slots.Look at these two:

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a Batman slot based on Christopher Nolan film of the year 2008. During that time, nearly nine years ago, this film was highly regarded as one of the most viewed big screen film of all times.Although the film as popular on its own, more energy was given to it when Microgaming finally decided to adapt it and actually include the Mega Moolah jackpot.

Hitherto, the Mega Moolah jackpot is regarded as one of the largest prizes to be given to a single payer in the history of online games. You are at liberty to choose whether you want to play this slot as a Joker or as the main character the Batman, chances of landing at millions of dollars worth of prizes are almost certain.

The Dark Knight Rises

A sequel of The Dark Knight, but contrary to the other slot that was based on Christopher’s 2008 film, The Dark Knight Rises slot machine is based on the final movie called Nolan Trilogy. Using the 243 Ways to Win, Microgaming are moving at speed to create comic nook slot machines that are loved by players.

The Dark Knight Rises slot also features plenty of different clips, funny moments and characters that are first seen in the film. It gives players a chance to witness and follow the rigorous battles between Batman and Bane. Meanwhile, you’ll be collecting huge prizes as you enjoy this truly gorgeous machine that has now been categorized under DC comics slots.

Other NYX DC Comics slots in this category include:

• Superman (Save the World Bonus)

• Green Lantern (Bonus Bet concept)

• Wonder Woman Jackpots (featuring Wonder Woman as super hero)

• Batman

• The Flash-Velocity