2017 Oscars Prediction Recap
Mark Febrizio

MJ’s late Musings…

I had “Moonlight” for best picture and wasn’t surprised by the sweep of adapted screenplay & satues for best supporting actor Ali and musical score. While While I’m definitely not the demographic for the soundtrack, it fit perfectly with every, chapter and every scene of an outlier of a film that speaks to how children survive being different in an environment where being different can mean life or death.

What I liked most about this years’ winners and nominees was the diversity. La La Land aside, there was an amazing amount of breathtakingly understated storytelling in the films of 2016.

Ruth Nega and Casey Affleck broke my heart with their subtlety in how they approached a rage that comes from such broken circumstances.

Naomi Harris and Denzel Washington killed with showing their master portrayals ofextremely damaged characters who believed they were beyond redemption, but raged against circumstances they knew they deserved.

Any musings yet about the first 1/4 of 2017 films?


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