“Record” droughts are clearly a symptom of manmade climate change.
Rick Fischer

The Earth has gone through many climate change events in its billion year history. Complete floods to Ice ages and then warming events. But none of those climatic changes occurred in 10, 20, or even 100 years. The events took 100 of thousands of years to warm or cool. Much of the loss of Glaciers in Montana, Alaska, Northern pole region, Greenland have disappeared at a catastrophic timeline of only a few decades. Even the climatic change caused by a meteor hitting the earth-which may have caused the extinction of dinosauer’s, took a few thousand or more years to occur. If you would take some time to learn about climate change that is occurring in your lifetime you may learn why it is not a clear cut thing for scientist to say without a doubt that man is responsible for climate change. You will learn that they say, because of all the complicated reasons ( that you need to read up on) it is without a doubt that man has contributed to the speed at which climate change is occurring. But does it matter who caused climate change? Because it is here, and it will affect the way of life ,as you know it, for all living organisms. Very simply, 5 year drought in California has affected the cost of food, both vegetable and animal. This weather event in Louisiana, caused by climate change has without a doubt affected people in Louisiana. We as Americans will all pay to help those poor folks who have lost everything. so please learn what climate change means and how it is not a weather event!

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